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Who has the kind of time and resources available to fill every employment need? The answer: We do.

Finding the right talent to fill an employment need is both time-consuming and expensive. The average employer will spend as many as 25 hours to hire just one new employee. When multiple employees are needed within a company, the hiring time will have a negative impact on productivity. Outsourcing recruiting efforts saves companies time and money.

Costs associated with recruiting include, but are not limited to, posting job ads on job boards, pre-screening and background check costs for each candidate, plus costs associated with interviewing and making the final hiring choice. According to research posted by, costs can be upwards of $18,000 per hired employee (See infograph for more information).

We make it easy

EIG’s recruitment services include posting your openings on job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and SimplyHired, phone-screening and checking candidate’s references, criminal background checks, credit checks, and motor vehicle checks all to provide you with the best options available to fit your need.

Our 90-day guarantee

EIG offers a customized and personalized hiring experience in order to fill each company’s need. We are so confident that we will find the right fit for you, that we offer a 90-day guarantee on all of our placement contracts.

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