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EIG offers recruitment services to small, medium, and large companies all over the United States that are looking for engineers, controllers, project managers, etc. who will help make their business more successful. We can help!

It is getting more and more difficult for jobseekers to find meaningful careers on their own. Before 2007, approximately half of the successful jobseekers found work within just five weeks of looking. By 2011, more than 25% of job seekers only found work after searching for at least six months; half of those people took more than a year to find a job!

(Source: United States Department of Labor 2012)

As a jobseeker, you can benefit from our services as well. Our Job Board is updated daily with a variety of positions from all over the United States that are available within companies we are currently recruiting for. If you see one that looks like a fit, please feel free to apply online and attach a current resume and cover letter. Our friendly and experienced recruiters will contact you right away to discuss if the position is the right fit for you and our client.

If you don't see an available position in your field of interest, please feel free to fill out the Job Seeker Inquiry Form and attach your resume. Once a position does become available that matches your skill sets and interests, we will have the information we need to reach out to you and discuss any new opportunities.

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